Foundry Capabilities

Ashland Foundry & Machine Works has the ability to produce castings from a few pounds to 10,000 lbs in steel and 17,000 lbs in iron grades. We utilize 7 coreless induction furnaces ranging in size from 500 lbs. to 7,500 lbs.

We also utilize an 8,000 lb. AOD for refining steels to improve mechanical properties and produce a cleaner steel.

AFMW produces a full range of Carbon, Low Alloy, Nickel based, Duplex, Austenitic and Super Austenitic, Martensitic alloys and high chrome irons.

Our molding method is 100% no-bake. Our metallurgical lab tests each heat for chemistry, tensile, yield, and elongation properties and monitors and records all tapping and pouring temperatures.

We utilize Kal-tec lined ladles with teapot spouts to draw the metal from the bottom of the ladle and reduce defects.

We offer complete in-house heat treatment capability

We have the manufacturing flexibility to provide you with products when you need them.

Heat Treat Furnace CastingsCoresAOD Vessel